Fighting For Faith by Aria Cole AndMila Crawford Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

About: Riot has everything he wants. He’s living his best life as the fighter he’s always wanted to be. He’s one of the best. His future has been planned out and he couldn’t be happier. He’s not looking for anything other than he already has despite people in his life encouraging him to find love. Everything changes when Faith walks in. He realizes she’s the girl he’s been looking for since they were separated as kids.

Plot: The plot was decent. I felt like there were things that got rushed when they shouldn’t have been. Many scenes should have been played out a bit more. I also wasn’t impressed at all with the incidents that followed after they ran into each other. It just doesn’t seem realistic in my books. Especially considering they haven’t seen each other since they were children. Also, this book was way too short to require four epilogues.

Characters: I really liked Riot and Faith. I just couldn’t really connect to them. Especially considering they had moments where they were a bit immature. Her Uncle was a piece of work as well. Had no problem with Riot until he was into Faith? Yeah. Okay.

Narration: This book was narrated by Rachel Woods and Luke Parker. Both did a fantastic job on this book. I do wonder if they do other narrations together. It’s something worth looking into. I was very impressed.

Suggestions: I would have prolonged some scenes to add some drama to the story. I would have also cut down the epilogues.

Recommend: For people who enjoy this kind of thing, yes.

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