Addicted By Krys Fenner Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About: Bella has everything going for her. She’s starting out the school year strong. She’s head tutor. She meets an amazing guy who she gets permission from her parents to start dating. She couldn’t be happier. Then, tragedy strikes. Bella is brutally attacked by two men and left for dead. Life as she know it has been altered forever. In the aftermath, she must figure out how to cope with everything and figure out how to move on with her life.

Plot: If you’re looking for a book that will catch you in all your feels and leaves you a wreck, this is definitely the book for you. It’s hard not to get totally involved with this book. The only issue I had with the entire book were the time gaps. Sometimes I didn’t realize how far forward in time it had jumped. After reading it all, I think that was done on purpose. I plan to read this again in the future. Most likely multiple times.

Characters: It’s hard not to feel sympathy and understanding for Bella. Even if everybody around her seems to struggle with understanding her and what she’s going through. Miah is just such a perfect boyfriend in the beginning. He’s patient and understanding. He does what he can to make her feel comfortable and safe. His father is amazing too. He goes above and beyond to make sure that Bella gets the justice she deserves.

Narration: This book is narrated by Kae Marie Denino. She did a pretty amazing job. It was pretty amazing hearing the emotions in her voice. While I plan to go back and actually read this book without audiobook next time, I would love to hear more audiobooks narrated by her.

Suggestions: Be mindful of time gaps.

Recommend: Yes! But please know that this book covers sensitive topics and isn’t for people who may be triggered easily.


Theoretically, if the guy had found her, he would’ve acted sooner. Unfortunately, good Samaritans were few and far between these days. Too many people willing to record, but not get involved.

Jamar paused on her picture ID. Dammit. His son’s girlfriend. She was the victim. This wasn’t good. Not good at all. His son had called a couple of hours ago about her missing. He dug his phone out of his pocket and dialed one of the detectives who’d been sent to the Kynaston residence. Missing cases weren’t supposed to turn into rape cases.

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