Caldwell’s Homestead by Millie Cooper Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

About: What they fear has finally come true. The world seems to be coming to an end. It starts with a terroist attack. From there, things just keep going downhill. They have been preparing for this moment for a long time. It’s now time to put all their plans into action.

Plot: I really loved the idea behind this book. I did. I am a sucker for post apoplyptic type books. However, this came off as more of a parody. It felt like it was making fun of conspiracy theorists than it was focusing on the story and the events themselves.

Characters: I didn’t connect with any of the characters at all. We have the father who kept spending money constantly left and right. Then the mother who was barely in the book at all. Then the son. The sone was really the only rational one. He was just a kid though. So naturally, nobody listened to him. It was just a mess.

Narration: This book was narrated by both Angela Church and Nick Sullivan. I am pretty sure I’ve heard other books by Nick Sullivan before. I think positively of him. He is very talented. Angela Church did a great job as well. I would definitely listen to other books narrated by them.

Suggestions: I would have put the focus more on the apacolypse than the mad dash to buy everything that was needed. I would have also cut out the repetive reasoning behind why the people were spending money like there was no tomorrow.

Recommend: Despite my feelings on the book, I would still recommend it. I may not have liked it all that much, but I’m sure there will be people out there that do.

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