Shaylin Survives

Technically, this isn’t a writing prompt. I got it from an idea I had at random today. It will be a scene at random and not the beginning of a story.

Shaylin was terrified. All around her people were running and screaming. Nobody knew what was going on. There was gunfire and fire balls shooting out in all directions. They barely had time to start fleeing before the attack started. If Ria hadn’t had her vision, there’s no telling how many more lives would be lost currently.

She reached the tunnel at last and looked around to make sure others were coming in. She wanted to stay there and attack, but she didn’t know how she could. Her power only worked if she was able to use the power of people around her. It was her gift and it was her curse. She had access to anything anybody around her possessed, but she had no power of her own. Unless you counted the telepathic communication that every person in her village possessed.

They are coming quickly. Quick! Help me attack them!

She looked over to find Dax. One of the fire mages she knew well. She didn’t hesitate or respond. She threw out her hands as if she did this all the time and let the fire pool onto her hands and arms. She looked over to see Dax doing the same thing. Focusing intently.

Once she was sure she had a clear shot at a group of the attackers, she let the fire go. Many of them went down, but there were still some standing. They kept coming for them. Nothing would hold them back from their goal. Enslaving us and using our powers.

I prepared to make another attack when I heard a startled cry next to me. Dax had been hit! I looked closely and found that he had been hit with an arrow to the knee. Not enough to kill him, but enough to make it hard to focus on wielding his fire.

I looked up to find that our attackers were almost at the tunnel. I didn’t stop to think. I grabbed at Dax and started to drag him further back into the tunnel. Two people came from nowhere and took the time to help me.

When we finally got to a safe point, We took the time to remove the arrow and stop the bleeding. We did what we could to clean the wound. I was grateful that he hadn’t gotten a worse injury. It barely embedded into his skin.

Once everything seemed calm and quiet, I went to sit to find a stabbing pain in my side. I looked down to find an arrow sticking in. I heard the gasp of somebody nearby me as if they noticed the arrow too. The last thing I saw before darkness was them coming to me with a worried expression on their face.


The name pulsed through my brain with a ferocity before everything went black.

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