Weekly Reading And Blog Plans 7/6/20

Things are finally looking up for me. I’m finally feeling like I’m in control of my situation. I feel like I can talk for the most part. I’m still having some communication issues. I still have about twenty reviews to write. I’m also still on the fence about whether or not I want to make video versions of my reviews. I do plan to make TikTok videos. Not all of them will be book related, but I will have fun doing them! Thank you all for all the support you’ve given me. I have 197 followers on here and 189 followers on TikTok! I am so excited!!!

Weekly Reading And Blog Schedule
Murderous Mondays

Cyclone Of Chaos Release Blitz
In The Dark, Soft Earth Releases
Modern Witchcraft Releases
The Lost City Releases
Writing Prompts
Top Ten Tuesday

TikTok Video Shares
WWW Wednesday

Dabsy On Society Blog Tour
Writing Prompts
Thursday Quoteables

Archibald Lox Blog Tour
Weekly Book And Personal Chatter
The Friday 56

Writing Prompts
Saturday Stars

Book Photo Sunday
Sundays In Bed With

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