Thursday Quoteables 6/18/20

Thank you Lisa for hosting this great meme!

Welcome to Thursday Quotables! This feature is the place to highlight a great quote, line, or passage discovered during your reading each week.  Whether it’s something funny, startling, gut-wrenching, or just really beautifully written, Thursday Quotables is where my favorite lines will be, and you’re invited to join in!

Dustin shook his head and sighed. People were starving, wars were being fought all over the world, so many people were suffering. And yet here was an eighteen-year-old dropping two gs on some bullsh*t like it was nothing. It didn’t seem right that some people had so much when others had so little. He knew he shouldn’t go on principle, but when it came to Kimmie, Dustin’s convictions were like a bunny getting battered around by a bear.

I can totally understand where Dustin is coming from. Especially since he didn’t want to go to the party on principle. He only chose to go for Kimmie.

Grief was beginning to be overlaid by the first layer of the skin and time. Jordan supposed that layer would get thicker and thicker and in a way she was sorry. Grief cut, but it also made you remember.

Everybody is horrified by death. They feel the tragedy. But nobody feels the true pain of death until somebody they love more than anything passes away. Grief hits everybody differently, but it still cuts.

Do not assume motive where human error will suffice.

There are many things in life that can be explained fully with “human error”. Better known as human emotion.

If he’s giving you up, maybe he isn’t worth it.

This is a very simple and wonderful quote. It means so much. If a person who’s willing to give up on you without even hearing your side or your wishes, you can do better. Another great piece of advice with relationships that stuck with me is “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Movie and Book.

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