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by Samantha Sanchez
Genre: YA Contemporary/Urban Fiction
Release Date: March 2018


“There was a voice in my head that told me to walk away, let it go and another voice tellin me that all I’d ever done was walk away and people never stopped…..‘Your name is Lyric and you can’t let this slide anymore, he needs to learn what happens when you come disrespectful. Last night wasn’t enough. It’s time to teach him and everyone else that you not the one to play with.’

Lyric is 21 years old and bored with the inhibited lifestyle of endless church activities she’s been forced to participate in since childhood. Harboring insecurities about her weight and beauty she is elated when she is cast in a reality show and moves in with five strangers under the premise of pursuing further education. However, a surprise pregnancy causes her life to take an unexpected turn. The additional weight and the disregard from the child’s father, cause her insecurities to deepen as her pains and humiliation are documented for everyone to see. The show becomes a hit and she a star but now she has to find a way not to let the pain she feels destroy her heart and poison her soul.

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The follow up to Prodigal, Lyrical Chaos, will be released around Labor Day!

Once classes started, I don’t know if it was my mood swings or if I was depressed but I started feeling isolated and unmotivated. I went to work, I went to class but while I was there physically, I wasn’t mentally or emotionally present. I was empty inside. I felt like I was a bother to everyone. If it wasn’t for Christopher and his disdain for the club scene, I’d have been completely without company on weekend nights. Athena wouldn’t always go either but she still had DeVon to attend to, one way or another. While the rest of the house got drunk, and sloppy Christopher and I went out to dinner and bonded. We became closer friends that semester and it was nice to have at least one of the guys in the house who wasn’t into instigating or fanning the flames of the drama in my life. Like with Monroe last semester, my closeness with Christopher made Anthony suspicious and jealous, DeVon even speculated that maybe Christopher wasn’t gay like we all thought, just to see how Anthony reacted

It’s funny because Anthony tries so hard to pretend he doesn’t care about Lyric when it’s obvious to everyone except for him and Lyric that he has some real feelings for her. DeVon said in his commentary

After a couple of weeks with Anthony primping in the mirror everyday, telling himself he was the “Freshest Nigga Alive” and telling me that I was lucky to have a fly ass nigga like him in my life.” I was at my wits end. I took advantage of Monroe’s man whorish ways and when he had “guests” over I’d sneak upstairs and take his bed in the room with Christopher. Some nights I even preferred to sleep on the couch than in the same room with Anthony. When Monroe was in his bed, Athena and DeVon were in the boom boom room, I slept in Athena’s bed. One night , a week before Valentine’s Day, I decided that it was time to move Anthony out of my room. I was tired of climbing the stairs to stay in Monroe’s bed at night. I was tired of hearing Anthony talk to other girls on the phone and looking to see if I was reacting. He had already went back on what he said about not wanting any benefits from our friendship. He’d come home horny and sexually unsatisfied sometimes and, to him, my “No.” or “Get off me.” “Move.” “Don’t touch me.” was the start of a negotiation not an actual rejection. He thought if he kissed me it would convince me but I would always move my face out the way. “You my baby mama, you can’t say no.” He laughed. I wanted to move him into DeVon and Athena’s room, it would be a tight fit but It could work.

“You’re not supposed to do any heavy lifting.” Christopher reminded me as I flipped Anthony’s mattress over and started dragging it across the floor

“Do you want your room back? And It won’t be that heavy if you help me.” I told him “Ugh! Fine.” Christopher whined.
We couldn’t move the bed frame but the mattress and box spring were easy enough. I was nice and made up the bed for him and neatly stacked his clothes next to the closet. I had showered and changed into some pajamas, rubbed Cocoa Butter on my belly to help keep the stretch marks away, and climbed into my nice warm bed. I had just closed my eyes and began drifting to sleep when everyone piled in from the club. I didn’t move to see what was going on, I just waited.

From what I could hear, DeVon was wasted and Athena was trying to get him to calm

down. He was throwing a fit and accusing her of flirting again and ranting about how dude was going to catch a beat down if he ever saw him again.
“What the hell?!” DeVon exclaimed “Ant, why is your s–t in my room?” I pulled the cover over my face trying not to laugh out loud
“What are you talking about?” Anthony asked

“Lyric done moved you out of your room nigga.” DeVon said “Why?”
“Because your girlfriend don’t like you.” Monroe said

“Girlfriend?” An unfamiliar woman’s voice asked. “You have a girlfriend?” “She’s not my girlfriend.” Anthony defended
“Just your pregnant baby mama.” Christopher chimed in.

“Ay! Yo!” Anthony asked walking into my room. I pretended to be sleep “Yo! Wake up!


“What?” I asked feigning annoyance at being woken up “Why is my stuff in DeVon and Athena’s room?” “Because I don’t want you in here.” I said

“I don’t want to be in the room with them. They’re going to have sex.”

“Maybe you’ll learn something. Think of it as a live porno. You like porno.” I laughed “No.” DeVon said bringing one of Anthony’s bags back into my room. I got out of bed

and grabbed the bag and tossed it back out.

“Woah.” the girl said taking me in “You’re super pregnant.” I surveyed the room.

Anthony was standing closest to me. Monroe and his latest girl, were standing in the kitchen.

Anthony’s date, was standing in the kitchen next to Monroe’s girl. She wasn’t really that cute.

She was kind of plain in the face, but she looked like a size 5 so I’m sure Anthony thought he was lucky right now.
“I know right?” I laughed “Be careful with this one, he doesn’t like to use condoms. It only lasts a couple minutes, anyway so I guess I can see why it would be a waste of one.” I rubbed on my stomach “But, still, make sure he pulls out.”

“Wow. Umm I think I’m gonna go.”

“No Don’t go.” Anthony said

DeVon tossed more of Anthony’s stuff out and I threw it back “He’s your pet monkey, you keep him.” I argued “No, he’s your baby daddy, you keep him.”

“I’m gonna go.” The girl said.

“What about the jacuzzi?” Anthony asked trying to pick his clothes up off the floor “I’m good.” She said. She looked at her friend who looked like she didn’t want to go. “Nah, don’t leave.” Monroe intervened “You can suck my d–k too. It’s way bigger than
his.” Monroe’s girl looked at Anthony’s girl as to suggest it. Anthony’s girl shrugged her shoulders. She was for it.
“For real?” Monroe asked shocked

“Sure.” she said looking at him in a kind of hunger.

“Let’s go!” He said excited. He grabbed his girl by the hand who then grabbed Anthony’s girl by the hand and they ran up the stairs and slammed the door to the boom boom room
“What?!” Anthony asked, mouth gaping open. There was a moment of shocked silence and then everyone else started laughing. Anthony looked at me like a little kid who’s balloon just flew away.

“Well, you shouldn’t have brought her here.” I shrugged.

About the Author

I am 33 years old I have an associates degree in psychology and liberal arts with a focus in social and behavioral science will be starting film school this summer. I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old but Prodigal is my first book ever completed.
My website is


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