Weekly Reading And Blog Plans 6/10/20

I fell into a dark hole of depression. I’m not going to lie. Everything felt like it was falling apart. I have some issues going on in my home life. I have issues with my health. And that’s not even bringing up the chaos we have going on in the world around us. Then, I had work life to contend to. I got hired on two jobs that I’ve been training for. One of which scouted me out. I’ve never been scouted out before. Any way, needless to say my reading has plummeted worse than when I hit a reading slump. I’ve barely had time to read. When I do, I don’t want to do anything at all. So, I guess maybe I was in a reading slump. I wound up taking most of last week off blogging. I scheduled the blog tours I agreed to, but didn’t do any personal ones. I want to feel sorry for it, but I really feel I needed the break. From now on, I will schedule ahead instead. Thank you everybody for continuing to read my blog. Even when I’m a mess.

Belladonna Releases
Top Ten Tuesday

The Return Blog Tour
WWW Wednesday

The Glamorist Blog Tour
The Invincible Summer Blog Tour
Thursday Quoteables

Neighbors And Favors Blog Tour
Monster Academy Media Blitz
First Line Friday

The Isle Of Gold Audiobook Blog Tour
Saturday Star

Royal Decoy Blog Tour
Book Photo Sunday

Half Life Blog Tour
Weekly Reading And Blog Plans

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