Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’d Like To See In Books More/At All

Normally, I do a meme involving Top Ten Tuesday. Today’s was giving me too much anxiety. So, I have decided to branch out and do my own top ten. I fully invite anybody else to participate in this if you’d like.

My Top Ten: Things I’d Like To See In Books More/At All

  1. Characters at work. It happens in books, but not very often. Most books seem to go about their lives and omit the working part. Making it seem like all they do is go around and do random stuff and that money just comes out of nowhere.
  2. More Paramedic/Firefighter main characters. I have read a lot of books where the main character is in law enforcement of some kind. I haven’t read one that I know of where they are a Paramedic or a Firefighter.
  3. More Polyamory stories. I know that most people consider this completely awful. But there are some of us out there who believe that some of us are meant to love more than one person. I would love to see more stories that include this.
  4. Parents. This is more directed at some YA books. I’d like to see parents in the books more. The way some books are written are written like the parents are just never around.
  5. More game to novel adaptations. I’d love to see some books written about a game. Of any kind. It would be awesome. I know there are some LitRPGs. I love those.
  6. Behind the scenes type characters. In some books, you see the stars and the directors. It’s rare that you ever have the point of view of the set guy. Or the make up lady. I’d love to see that.
  7. More realistic notes/diaries. In books that have notes written or somebody’s diary, I’d love to see more books that have a picture in the book with something that looks handwritten. There are some books like it. Just not enough in my opinion.
  8. Transgender characters. I love watching videos of transgender journeys. I’d love to read books about them. I would love to see their progress and their emotions. Their struggles. I think it would help society understand.
  9. More books with Asexuals. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen any books with an Asexual in them. It’s sad. I feel like we should include them more in stories.
  10. Books with gamer characters. I mean I’m sure these exist. But I mean where the main character is a diehard gamer. Maybe the story line has to do with a game that they are trying to retrieve or get others into playing or something.

I’m sure there are more, but this list was harder to make than I thought it would be! If there are books like this that you are aware of, please comment them. I’ll add them to my TBR pile! I’d love to see your list!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’d Like To See In Books More/At All

  1. Nice list, some of them wouldn’t be in my list, not because I don’t enjoy reading about these categories it’s just not my main concern. I have read a book or two concerns number 8. Although I am not sure it’s the best light. Gentleman and Players by Joanna Harris and Sorcerers Apprentice.


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