Top Ten Tuesdays: Reasons I Love The House Of Night Series

It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday! Thanks Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl for creating this meme.

This Week’s Topic: Reasons Why I Love _________

I choose: House Of Night Series.

  1. Characters

The characters in this book were all special in their own way. It starts out from only Zoey’s point of view, but then you get other points of view later in the series. They are goofy and serious. Most of all, they are loyal.

2. Powerful Messages

I really love how many powerful messages were sprinkled through this entire series. It was impressive and inspirational.

3. Special Bonds

There are many different bonds in this series. Some that are formed later in the series. Some that are formed right away. Some are emotional and others are blood bonds. I was pretty much for most of them!

4. Hilarious Moments

All the sarcastic comments really made this series amazing to me. I love sarcasm and witticism. The more the better!

5. Cats!!!

This series was FULL of cats!!! There’s a dog in the series too and he’s amazing, but he comes later.

6. Good Vs. Evil

I didn’t know I was a sucker for the iconic good versus evil (light versus dark) story until I found this series.

7. Some Realistic Moments

This is a paranormal book. So yes, most of the book relates to paranormal things. However, it does have some realism in it. Zoey doesn’t get along with her stepdad at all. The conflict she faces is something I understand all too well. There are some other things that happen in the story as well that hit me hard.

8. Family

I feel like it’s important to note that family isn’t portrayed as completely bad in this story. I mean we have Grandma Redbird. She was an absolute gem! She pretty much adopted the entire group of Zoey’s friends as her own grandchildren!

9. Open Love

There are several times in this book where the authors are more liberal when it comes to love. Having more than one lover is acceptable in this world. LGBTQ+ is also accepted. They fully embrace the Love Is Love movement and I am here for it!

10. Magic

Last, but never ever least, magic! I love the magic portrayed in this. Many students are gifted. Some with elemental magic and some with others. I’m spelling it normal, but I believe it’s spelled with a K in the book! I am a sucker for books with magic!

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