The Every Stone by E.A. Sandrose Book Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Yrund is taken from her home and forced into mining. The people who have taken her captive are looking to collect all stones. Especially the every stone. This stone is known to have the power to do everything. It will make the owner of the stone very powerful. Yrund does not believe in this stone. She thinks it’s just a tall tale. All she wants to do is go home and be in the presence of her family again. She works hard hoping to eventually earn her freedom. Everything is going fine until something unexpected happens, and she finds herself on the run. She also finds herself in possession of a very valuable stone.

My reaction to the build up and back story:

I didn’t really care for this story at all. The only things that really made this story readable were the stone and the amazingly rich culture that surrounds the story. I mean I didn’t hate it. I enjoyed it enough to keep reading it despite not really liking the main character at all. The story could be very strong. It has a great uniqueness about it. I just feel like it fell flat a bit. There are so many places that really could have been elaborated on so much. I also didn’t like how critical and judgmental the main character was over everybody else. It just got so belittling and condescending. The stone was a true gem though. Not sure if the pun was intended there or not.

Every time the stone said something funny or cute:

This book was narrated by Ulka S Mohnty. I absolutely loved her narration! It was amazing. I felt like I was actually a part of the world. The accent she gave was beautiful. It felt authentic. It felt real. I want to say it probably is her native accent, but I don’t want to presume here. People that presume things irritate me. But I digress. I really would love to listen to other books narrated by her. Her voice is just so soothing and alluring. Hopefully, that doesn’t come off as creepy. It’s just my honest opinion.

Whenever it seemed they were about to be caught:

I really came across as aggressive in this review. I wasn’t intending to. I did enjoy the story. I just feel like it didn’t really meet expectations. If it weren’t for the silly stone, I think I would have been very annoyed with the story and character development. That being said, I did not hate the book. I may even give the book another chance in the future if I’m being honest. I’d also give other books written by the author a chance.

When Yrund got really judgmental of other people:

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