Not The Same By Gianna Gabriela Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Aron has had to play the adult figure for his younger brother since he was ten years old. His father split, making the decision to never have anything to do with his children ever again. In response, his mother turned to a less than honorable man to help heal. Instead, she wound up becoming addicted to drugs. Dependent on them and the man just to survive. He learned at a young age that he would never be able to fully depend on his mother to take care of him and that his father was never going to be in the picture again. Even though he loved and cared about his little brother and would do anything for him, he resented his mother for forcing him into that role.

Feeling protective of the boys in this book like:

This book was very emotionally invoking. Aron is so relatable in so many ways. Especially for those in broken families. I feel like this story gives hope that things can get better. It shows that there are people out in the world that do care. It’s just hard to see that with the surroundings that are given. I do wish I had seen more of the story. I wish there were certain parts of the book that really played a stronger role. I could have read and read into the story behind all of this. I also hope that there will be another book with the way this one ended. It would be another point of view, but I would be totally fine with that.

Finding myself in constant deep reflections in this book:

This book was narrated by Justin Mills. I really felt like he did a perfect representation of a kid who’s grown up in a broken home. He is talented if he can just swoop right in and take over a personality like that. I would love to hear other books he narrates to see if he completely takes over a character’s personality. I’m sure he is. It’s either that or he completely relates to the character. There are many of us who can in all honesty. Many of us who were forced to grow up too young. But I digress. My point is I’m impressed.

My emotions through the whole book:

While I wish this book had been way longer than it was, I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed all of the positive messages that are represented behind the story. The author also puts a lot of powerful and uplifting things at the end of the book as well that had me teary-eyed. There’s another book in this series of novellas. I read it and enjoyed it just as much as this one. Actually, I enjoyed it more if I’m being honest. Both were great works though. I can’t wait to see if there’s news on a third!

My overall thought of the book:

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