Into The Fire By Gregg Hurwitz Book Review

Evan has been battling if he wants to continue what he’s been programmed to do most of his life. He has completed his personal missions and wants to settle down into a normal life. Everything seems to be falling into place until Max calls him for help. Max just lost his cousin who appeared to be investigating a very dangerous scandal. He left Max with something very important and winds up putting Max and everybody Max knows lives in jeopardy. Not knowing where to turn, Max lucks out by running into the last person that Evan helped. What seems to be a simple case turns into a very twisted ride.

When Evan goes on a mission to take the bad guys down:

This book gave very serious vibes like it was the last book in the series. I have rooted for Evan with every book. I know he’s done bad things, but he’s trying his best. He protects those he cares about. The fact that he’s able to care about people with the way he’s been programmed to be is amazing in itself. I was so mad about the ending. I won’t say why. I refuse. Anybody who reads my reviews knows I refuse to give any spoilers about a book at all. I prefer the reader read it and then contact me so we can talk about it. But yes. If there’s not another book in this series, I’m going to rage.

Seeing Evan trying to be a better person for Mia and her son:

This book was narrated by Scott Brick. Unless I’m mistaken, he narrated all five books. I’ve loved his narration in them. There’s something intense and terrifying about his voice. Well, not all the time. Just when he needs to pitch it in the right moments in books. I do not think these books would have been as intense had I read them and not listened to them. I hope I can track down other books he narrates to listen to them as well. I have recently learned that a person can develop a voice crush. I would say I’m pretty much there.

When something happens after things are finally dying down:

I really enjoyed this series. I’ve enjoyed this entire series. I’m currently working on talking my mom into reading it. I may do a buddy read with her. As if I need an excuse to read this series again. It’s a fantastic and intense series. The whole book has made it feel like it’s the last book in the series. I’m really hoping that my feeling on this is wrong. Other than subtle hints I’ve gotten, I haven’t really seen any concrete evidence that it is. Especially with the ending of this book. We shall see. Either way, I recommend this whole series.

When Evan continues going with multiple series injuries:

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