Rise by L.A. Cotton Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Eva has been given an opportunity that will change her life. She’s been invited to go on tour with one of the most popular rock bands. The record label is convinced that her presence will improve the evergrowing horrible reputation of the band. If that wasn’t overwhelming enough, she finds herself caught in between the attentions of two brothers. One of whom has captured her heart despite her hesitations. The other who she feels a protective nature for that she would do anything to help him get better.

Every time Eva hears news of things going in her favor:

I enjoyed this book quite a lot. Even if it was a little cringy at times. Maybe even predictable at times. Those aren’t complaints. Not all books are meant to be smooth and full of surprises. Some of them are supposed to be straightforward and frustrating. I hope this is making sense. There were times I would have probably smacked the characters if I was in the story. They were being so angsty and frustrating! Especially Eva and Rafe. They should have taken like five seconds to listen to the advice of those around them! Wouldn’t make them normal characters though.

When Eva and Rafe make comments about being the only one with feelings for the other:

This book was narrated by both Michael Norman Johnson and Sarah Puckett. Sarah Puckett is one of my favorite narrators of all time. I just can’t even begin to explain how much I love her narrations. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to a book narrated by her. This is the first book I’ve listened to by Mikael Norman Johnson. I believe I saw him talking on a live chat on Facebook a long time ago. I’m not sure. It was a nice talk. I felt like he would be a great narrator. I was not wrong. I will definitely be picking up other books narrated by him.

When Rafe gets jealous of his own brother after ignoring Eva for months:

This book was fun and full of life. I feel like there should have been more to it, but it was enjoyable all the same. Both narrators actually sang during the singing parts! It was AMAZING! It gave the audiobook a very authentic flair. Any book read is like you’re a part of the story. However, when narrators do things like this it just amplifies that feeling. When they let their emotions come through in the narration, it enhances it too. I read and loved the first book of this and I can’t wait to read the last book!

When your favorite narrator sings and you wish she’d sing the whole song:

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