Weekly Blog And Reading Plans: 5/11/20

Things appear to be settling down again. I think I’m finally able to get into a routine with work and outside of work. It’s a very amazing feeling. I’m not sure anything drastic happened during the week. Well, other than Amazon deciding that I’m not allowed to publish reviews on their page anymore. It bothered me at first, but I’ve decided to do video reviews in its place. I’ll still be writing my reviews too. I find them therapeutic. I’ve been considering adding graphics and gifs in them to symbolize my feelings in the book.

Speaking of reviews, I finally got caught up on writing every single review I haven’t reviewed yet. Since there are about fifteen of them, I’ve decided to post them two a day until they are all caught up. If I finish a book before that, it will be posted immediately after I’ve finished the book and wrote the review.

#Entry Level Boss Releases
Top Ten Tuesdays

Triumph Over Fear Blog Tour
Rise Review Tour (13th-15th)
West From The Cradle Audio Tour
WWW Wednesday

Thursday Quoteables

Day Of Reckoning Blog Tour
First Line Fridays

Kingdom Above The Cloud Blog Tour
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Book Photo Sunday

Life Is Short Audio Tour
For The Love Of Maude Review Tour
Weekly Blog Schedule

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