Lineage by C. Vonzale Lewis Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Nicole is not the type of person to take flack from anybody. She doesn’t care who she offends or the consequences it brings her. The problem is her mouth is getting her into a bit too much trouble. She’s finding it harder and harder to find a job. She can’t control her mouth and has been let go of every place that has hired her. She finally gets a pretty decent job at an insurance company. She immediately has bad feelings about it. She continues working despite multiple warnings telling her to stay away. It’s not until an old friend and current co-worker of hers goes missing that she begins to see the true danger she and everybody that works there is in.
I really loved the idea behind this story. It kind of had a very Charmed episode feeling. For those of you who are familiar with that show, it definitely reads like an episode, but without the Charmed Ones. Which makes it sad, but it’s still a nice read because of it. It had a lot of great potential and many interesting characters. I didn’t write this review right away so I can’t remember all the character names sadly, but there were some that just had me laughing out loud with how crazy they could be.
Here’s where I have to talk about the things I don’t like. It’s my least favorite thing to do, but I will never post a review that is not authentic and honest. That means pointing out the praises and the flaws. I’ll start with the main character. I couldn’t stand her at all. It made me hate my own name. Sadly, this is a thing that happens with many Nicole like characters on shows, movies, and books. It’s maddening. But I digress. Also, I really want to put more explanation on the comment I made about loving the idea behind the story. It had so much potential, but in critical moments, it felt really flat in my opinion. It could use a small polish.
This book was narrated by Taylor Barton. I’m pretty amazed by her performance. I’m going to be honest, I think that it’s a big reason for the reason I didn’t just stop reading it. She took the sting I felt of Nicole’s attitude out of it as best as she could. She made the story enjoyable. The way she pitched her voice during the intense times was impressive. I also loved her authentic accents for all of the characters in the book. It was pretty impressive.
Overall, I really thought this book was impressive. It had amazing potential. I do wish that the drama was notched up a bit more. I also wish they would have downplayed Nicole’s personality a lot. I really don’t feel comfortable giving my full opinion of how she was. I wouldn’t want my review taken down for vulgar language. I know that most of that is probably personal considering my name. I don’t try to make my reviews too personal. It would just be nice to see an AMAZING Nicole that everybody adores. While I think this book could use a rewrite, I do recommend it.

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