Forgetting The Enemy by Amy Cecil Book Review

Michael and Zaira grew up together. They were very close. They were both children of very prominent Families. Both their parents thought they would grow up and marry each other. Until the tragic loss of Zaria’s mother. Michael’s father is accused of killing her and their families are torn apart. They haven’t spoken in five years when Zaria’s father agrees to marry her off without even consulting with her first. She confides in her brother who decides that their father must be stopped at all costs. Even if that means removing him from the situation entirely.
I’m going to start this review by stating one simple fact that I’m learning more and more with each Amy Cecil book. Amy Cecil is pure evil. She knows exactly how to hook you in and then leave you hanging. I know this sounds like an insult. It’s not. I’m just stating that she’s an evil genius. I’ve read multiple books by her and I’ve loved every single one of them. This book has been no exception to that. I especially loved the small reference to another series that I read of hers. It was great!
I only had a few small issues with this book. The biggest was the time flow. It doesn’t really clarify when the type jumps forward or how far forward it jumps ahead. Well, I can’t say that about every single instance. There are times it is clarified. There are also times that it isn’t. It’s a very small issue that didn’t really hurt the story at all. I will warn the reader that this book does contain a cliffhanger ending. That’s an Amy Cecil stamp. Did I mention she was pure evil?
This book was narrated by Mark and Maya May Bravo. If I’m not mistaken, they have narrated other books by Amy Cecil as well. They did a great job on this one. They have done an amazing job on all of the audiobooks I’ve listened to that they did quite honestly. I didn’t have as positive of an opinion of them at first. I retract that. It was me not being as into the audiobook world as I am now. I definitely see how great of a quality they have now.
Did I love the book? Yes. I did very much. Will I read the second book? Of course! It’s taking a lot of willpower not to grab the book now and devour it. Amy Cecil has quickly become one of my favorite authors of all time. I love her style. She makes the most cringy troupes alluring. She even rocks a cliffhanger. I’m still going to say that she’s pure evil. I can’t help it that I love that brand of evil.

My Rating:

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