Visions Of Zarua by Suzanne Rogerson Book Review

Paddren finds himself cursed with random visions of a city long forgotten. If the visions aren’t enough, his master died. It would seem that he was murdered. Somehow, everybody is content to think that he killed himself. Padden requests the help of a good friend, Varnia, and her lover Leyoch. They work together to uncover what has happened to cause the visions and why many wizards are dying so mysteriously.
This book was a little weird to me at first. I didn’t think I would really adapt to it. I thought it would be a book that I would set aside after a while. Once I got used to the characters and the world the book was set in, I was fine. I actually started to enjoy the series very much. I was rooting for everybody and cringing when something bad happened. It’s a very fast-paced book once the story has been laid out fully.
There were a few things I didn’t really care for in the book were the character inconsistencies. One of the characters has a drastic mood change. It’s blamed on their magic being released. I just find this a very flimsy reason. Also, I don’t care about the lack of progression in that change. It just happened all at once with no warning. Add that to the fact that a few of the characters in this book were very robotic and not really there.
This book is narrated by Guy Barnes. This narrator knows how to tell a story full of adventure and intrigue. I’m highly impressed. He knows how to pact a lot of intensity in his voice. He speeds up during intense moments as well. It’s quite impressive. I will definitely look to listening to other books narrated by him.
I really did enjoy this book. I thought some things weren’t as consistent as they should be. I also felt some of the characters could have been humanized a bit more. Other than that, it was a great read. I loved the action and adventure. I also loved the underlying mystery and lure. I would have read this book in a day if I could have.

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