Lucky Inheritance by Mckenna James Book Review

Clarissa finds out that her estranged grandfather has passed away. She flies to another country to find out what happened and what to do with his belongings. There she meets Ian, who’s been living at the castle her grandfather owned. They instantly dislike and distrust each other. They were content to find out what was in the will and go their separate ways. Neither of them was prepared to hear the stipulation they were given. They only way they would be able to claim their inheritance is to marry each other.
I read this in one sitting. Well listened to it in one sitting would be the more accurate wording for it, but I digress. I find that I really love any stories that have to do with Ireland at all. Especially the ones full of sassy characters. I just can’t get enough of a sassy character! I can’t even begin to explain that. Ian’s sister was my favorite character in the whole book. She was just so vibrant and full of life! She’d be the person you’d just instantly like even if you didn’t really warm up to people right away.
There were a few tropes in here that I haven’t ever cared for. They were eye-roll inducing. They didn’t really ruin the story for me. The biggest problem I had was that a conflict kept getting peppered in the story, but it wasn’t really fully closed. I kept hoping for a nugget of information in the epilogue, but it wasn’t mentioned at all. I was kind of invested in the drama behind it. I wanted to see how it all played out. Well, how it crashed and burned to put it bluntly.
This book was narrated by Patricia Santomasso and Sean Patrick Hopkins. They both did a very fantastic job. I do wonder if Hopkins is actually Irish. His accent is very dreamy. Not that I’m going to fixate on that. Much. I feel like Santomasso’s voices for both of the leading female characters were pretty amazing. It strikes me how hard it must be for narrators to have conversations between the characters and maintain voices for each one. Both of these narrators did an excellent job with that. I was very impressed. I will listen to other books narrated by them.
I thought this was going to be a stupid cheesy romance. Like predictable to the end. I won’t lie, in many ways it was. However, it wasn’t in a horrible way. It still had its own unique spin that I really enjoyed. I found out that this is book five in a series. I haven’t read the first four books. Those who know me know that this is bothering me a little. It is a standalone novel. So I didn’t really miss anything by not reading the first four. I’m still going to go back and read them anyway. I may even reread this book in the future.

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