Redwall by Brian Jacques Book Review

Marin the Warrior fought hard for many years to protect those he cared about. After his last battle, he set his sword aside and sought a place where he and anybody who wished to could live in peace. He built and became legendary in Redwall. Redwall kept up the practice of a peaceful space. They welcomed anybody who wished to come in for food, shelter, and healing. Everything is going great until Cluny the Scourge showed up. He’s planning to overtake Redwall and kill anybody who does not surrender to his leadership.
I read a book in this series many years ago. It’s a book that really stuck with me. I really adored it. I thought that the entire concept was very imaginative and creative. I’ve been meaning to read the series since then. I’m glad that I’m finally able to get to. This is a beautiful fantasy tale where all the characters are animals of some sort. I believe it’s a very popular series. If not, it really should be. It’s so imaginative and fun! It’s also a very relaxing and light-hearted read.
There are some parts of the book that I feel dragged on a bit too long. There are other parts that I felt were rushed. It’s not anything that really ruined the book for me. Just left me with a few questions. Eventually, they were answered, but it would have been nice to have them answered as the story was going along rather than after the fact. This is a personal preference. I’m sure. Either way, it really didn’t ruin the book at all for me. I can’t even think of specific references to bring up if that says anything.
This book was narrated by a full cast of people, including Brian Jacques himself. It was also filled with music between chapters and specific parts of the story. It was very imaginative. If I could, I’d probably buy the entire series in audiobook. I might consider doing so one day. Right now, I’m content with just the first book. It’s definitely an adventure to listen to. I couldn’t imagine how long it took to produce this great work. I don’t even want to think about it!
This is a book I’ve been wanting to read for a long time. I’m so thankful that I’ve finally been able to do so. Eventually, I’d like to own every single book. For now, I’m just happy I was able to find them at my local library. I’d probably buy e-books or audiobooks for them. Possibly both. I always love to have an e-book on hand with audios when possible. I may not read along for the whole book, but I love having the option. Now to talk my fiancé into giving this series a chance!

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