My Ideal Reading Space

Once upon a time, I had a dedicated reading spot. It consisted of cushions on the floor with two make shift end tables on each side. One table for holding my books. The other for my tea and snacks. I also had a candle on each side. Sometimes on a wax warmer and sometimes to burn. I have since moved a few times and haven’t set up a new reading area. I plan to here soon. I think it would be good for me. This all got me thinking of my ideal reading area and what it would consist of.

Reading Space

Obviously the first step is a space. For me personally, I love a big cushy chair/love seat. I like to move a lot. I also like to keep table near me to hold the stuff I use while reading. I always like to have a stack of books around me so if I want to put my current down, I have something else to pick up right away.

Hot Beverage

My main go to is hot tea. I love all flavors of tea. Give me a good tea and some honey and I’m happy. However, I also love hot chocolate and coffee as well. I find a hot beverage just very soothing to have around while reading. I also keep water around as well to stay hydrated.


I’m not sure if I’m the only one that has this thing, but I love having snacks around while I read. Even if I don’t eat any of the snacks. Just having it around is good enough. My favorites to keep around are popcorn or chips. Every now and then when I have the money to spare, I love to have nuts around and chocolates.


My favorite thing to have around is candles. I love all scents. Lately, I’ve been into sage and citrus scented candles. I alternate between burning candles and using a wax warmer. Eventually, I’d like to start making my own candles. I think it might be a bit cheaper. Especially with the way I use them.

I like to have other stuff around me, but these are the things I have to have at all times. Sometimes, I like to keep paper and pen with me on the chance that I may be inspired to write something down to talk about later. I also keep my phone around me for when I’m inspired to post to Instagram. I’d love to hear about your ideal reading space!

Thank you for Reading!

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