Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris Book Review

Sookie Stackhouse has been through it all and lived to tell the tale. She still has some lingering effects of the fairie attack even after taking blood from Eric. The most lingering effects are mental. Just when she begins to think that she can put everything behind her, she finds out that there are fairies still in the world. She’s not sure how many there are and their intentions. If that’s not enough, somebody plants a body in her back yard.
This has got to have been one of the most cut and dry books of the series. It was straight forward. There weren’t any real side trails to follow before we got to the main point. I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed the normal set up. I’m just saying this book was different to me than the rest of the series. In good ways and in bad. I did really enjoy it though. I feel like some questions I had were answered. I still have many more, but I’m sure they will be answered by the end of the series.
I didn’t really care for the beginning. There was a long sidebar so to speak before the first chapter. I feel like it was really unnecessary to the story at hand. I mean I enjoyed having it in the story. I just feel like a couple of paragraphs in the first chapter paraphrasing all of it would have been sufficient. I also didn’t care for a scene that happened later in the book that I won’t divulge. It just made me kind of angry. I always feel like some people get mad at Sookie for things that aren’t in her control at all. I’ll leave it at that.
Johanna Parker narrated this book. She’s narrated the entire series from what I’ve seen. I’m not really fully sure on that as I haven’t really read the in-between novels. I am kind of curious to do so after I finish the series. I might even reread the series one day and include them in the order they go with the series. But I digress. She did a fantastic job. I wasn’t really surprised. She’s done an amazing job with the entire series so far. I can’t wait to listen to her narrate the rest of the series.
I won’t say this is my favorite book in the series. I don’t think I really have favorites where this series is concerned. I did enjoy the flow of it. It was a very refreshing change of pace. Not sure if I hope the rest of the series stays the same. It was an enjoyable and quick-paced read. I will say that. I still can’t believe I only have three more books to read. It’s going to be sad to see the end of this series.

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