Styling By Faith by Tracey Moss Book Review

Tracey Moss found the work she felt she was meant to do. She put all her hard work and dedication into making sure she succeeded in everything she did in her career. She also put her faith in God. She felt so blessed with the success she was blessed with that she decided to write a book to help others gain the confidence to get success in what they are gifted to do with their life as well.
When I first started this book, I was fully expecting this very conceited person to talk about how amazing they were. I expected her to just constantly drop names and little more. I was wrong. Yes, names were dropped, but they were only put in to explain the subject of which she was talking about. It wasn’t to talk about how great she is.
I really did enjoy this book very much. I may not fully agree with everything is said in the book, but I respect Moss’s opinions and viewpoints on her blessings. I feel that the flow was very nice. There could have been things explained better here and there, but it was still very nice. It was a very easy and pleasant read. I feel bad it took me so long to read. I had to set it aside a few times for personal reasons. Life gets in the way.
I fully recommend this book for anybody who is looking for an inspirational success story. It could have been very conceited, but it wasn’t. It was straight-forward and to the point. There is not a moment in this book that I was ever bored or frustrated. I may not be fully interested in the field she’s in, but I can respect it and appreciate it. I’d definitely love to meet her one day just to tell her how much I admire her confidence.

My Rating:

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