Brayden’s Return by Michelle Dare Book Review

Brayden has always felt like an outcast among his friends. He is the only human in the midst of paranormals. While he adores each of them and is close with many of them, he still feels awkward and out of place when he’s with him. Things change for him drastically when he witnesses what he thinks is a dog getting attacked. It turns out it was a shifter named Kandra getting attacked. Kandra has been through more than anybody should. She finds it hard to trust anybody fearing their true intentions. Her instincts tell her that she can trust Brayden. That he might be her mate.
I really loved this book! It was as fast-paced as the rest of the series. Not to mention the witty banter. I would have liked to see Solomon a bit more in this book, but I’ll probably say that in every book. I love Solomon. He’s my favorite male character. Ari is my favorite female character. But I digress. I really felt for Kandra. She had been through so much. I’m glad that Brayden found her. I think things would have been different had anybody else found her.
There’s not really anything that I can think of on the top of my head that I didn’t like about this book. There was a reference in the book that I was kind of annoyed with until the end where it became a key factor. I thought the author just kind of through a meaningless nugget of information until it was referenced again. I do think that if it was a bit of an important piece that more information should have been sprinkled into the story. Not a lot. Just maybe a reference or two more here or there.
This book was narrated by Troy Duran and Sarah L. Colton. They narrated the rest of the series as well. They did a fantastic job. If I’m being honest, I think they make the story even more appealing to me. Especially Duran’s version of Solomon. I think it adds a lot more allure to Solomon than is already there. Yes, I’m aware I have a big bias on Solomon. I can’t help it. But I digress. Again. I have listened to other books by Sarah L. Colton. I would definitely be willing to listen to others by her and Troy Duran.
This is the fifth book in a series. They can technically be read as standalone. I encourage anybody to read them all. They don’t have to be read in order, but they are all very unique and a pure joy to read. I didn’t really start loving this series right away. I enjoyed it very much, but I wasn’t in love. However, I wound up falling in love with it more and more each book. I recommend this book and every book in this series!

Paranormals of Avynwood

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