Tempered Dreams by Pamela S. Thibodeaux Book Review

Scott has closed himself off to the thought of love. He is content with the way his life is going until an accident introduces him to Katrina. Katrina is in an abusive marriage. She accepts her life as it is until the accident causes her to miscarry. Finally finding the courage to leave her husband, she gets attacked putting her in Scott’s presence once again. In him, she finds the chance to find real love. She also finds her faith in God again.
I think that this book has a very powerful message. I do have to fully disclose that domestic violence and abuse are referenced in this book. It’s not glossed over or glamorized. It’s written out as raw and real as domestic violence is. As some people are sensitive to subjects like this, I feel it should be completely put out in the open. It’s a very wholesome and religious book. I wonder how personal this book is to the author. This is the second book in a series. If I’m being honest, I liked it a lot better than the first.
There were a few things that I didn’t really care for in the book. The biggest thing is that it hit a little more home for me than I’m comfortable with. Anybody who is a victim of domestic violence knows how much sticks with you. Things can go on in life that is completely normal and something triggers a memory of the violence. It’s a blow. But I digress. I guess this is more of a compliment to the author than an insult. Being that they captured the triggers very well.
This book was narrated by Terri England. I can’t remember if she’s the one who narrated the first one or not. She does have a very entrancing southern voice. I can say that much. It’s so authentic. I felt like I was legitimately in the world that the story takes place in. I’d love to listen to other books narrated by England. Other than her accent, she also has a very calming tone as well.
I really did enjoy this book. I wouldn’t call it a favorite, but it was very deep. I love the powerful messages littered through the entire book. I would suggest that the reader would reflect on the fact that domestic violence, alcoholism, and abuse is reflected in this book. I’m not saying don’t read it. I’m saying that if these are sensitive topics, then it would be best not to read it. It is worth the read though. It’s a very wholesome read full of hope and love.

Tempered Hearts

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