Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken Book Review

After making one of the worst decisions of her life, Ruby does her best to adjust and adapt to life with the Children’s League. During a mission, she rescues Liam’s brother. She also discovers a dark plot taking place behind closed doors in the Children’s league. Ruby and Cole must go on a mission to shed light on the sinister plan that many of the agents of the Children’s League and bring them down before it’s too late.
I was so underwhelmed with the first book that I almost didn’t continue the series. I was disappointed. I expected this fantastic and action-packed book. It fell flat in many ways. I had already bought the box set and I made a pact with somebody that I’d read them. So I did. I’m glad I did. The second book was so much better than the first. I was very impressed. I even found a new favorite character in this one.
There were still places that the book fell flat. I can’t really explain it. I just expected there to be a bit more. Everything was pretty cut and dry. They had a mission to find someone. They succeeded. There wasn’t really much challenge in doing so either. They just set about on their journey and got where they were going. I mean yes, they had to be cautious, but still. I just expected it to be a little more difficult than it was.
This book was narrated by Amy McFadden. She’s one of my favorite narrators of all time. I believe that’s the biggest reason I chose to continue reading the series. If anybody could turn a bland book exciting, it’s her. Well, Sarah Puckett can as well, but I digress. McFadden knows how to pitch her voice to completely enthrall your emotions and make you feel what you’re supposed to at that particular point in the story.
While I didn’t enjoy the first book, this book was very nice. I enjoyed it. I feel like the story is actually picking up and going places. I definitely see more of a personality with Ruby in this one than I did the first. I think we can think Vida for that. She’s so full of personality and energy that she kind of spills over. Either way, I’m glad that I chose to continue the series instead of shelving it.

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