In The Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken Book Review

The government has attacked. The Children’s League is being blamed for attempting to assassinate the president. The kids must continue forward despite the devastating loss they felt. They must find Clancy and force him into telling them everything he knows. He holds the key to finding the truth to everything that caused IAAN. To discover the truth may destroy everything they know and who they are.
I was very impressed with the conclusion of this trilogy. It was witty. It was emotionally raw. It wasn’t as action-packed as I would have thought it would be, but it was pretty amazing. I really love the return of Zu. She was my absolute favorite character of this entire trilogy. I know it made some waves, but she was a crucial part of the story in my opinion. I’m hoping somewhere there’s a short story about what happened during her time away from the group.
There were parts that I wasn’t really understanding. It was starting to get very annoying. I didn’t know if I should keep reading or if I should just put it down and move on. Quite frankly, my TBR pile is just way too piled up for me to invest in books that I’m not enjoying. I’m glad I stuck with it though. I really am. It was a beautiful conclusion. I gave this review awhile to write after I finished reading it. I attempted to listen to The Darkest Legacy. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I stopped reading it a couple of chapters in.
This book was also narrated by Amy McFadden. I won’t gush again on another review. I do highly recommend people who love audiobooks checking her out. She just has a wonderful talent. I’m glad that she narrated the entire trilogy. She gave a great voice to the story that was very much needed. Especially during the down parts. I’m looking forward to listening to other books narrated by her.
I really did enjoy this trilogy a lot. I won’t go back and reread it. Well, not anytime soon anyway. I am glad that I took the time to read them all. It was a great story with some amazing potential. It’s not in my top ten favorites list. It’s not on the least favorite either. That’s something. I’m planning to watch the movie adaptation very soon. I do recommend everybody give the trilogy a chance.

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