The Corridor by Vic Neal Book Review

Poppy has been given a once in a lifetime opportunity. She’s been given a scholarship to one of the best schools in the country. She doesn’t feel that she earned it. She feels like they are seeing her as a charity case since she attended one of the worst schools in the area. She creates a video blog to talk about her experience at the school.
This book had a lot of great potential. It had some pretty witty characters. The whole scene was very posh. I was quite impressed with the aspect of it. It even had the very realistic feeling of how school life might be in the modern times. A lot of stories stick with the old school ways. But I digress. The formatting was unique. I mean it made things easier to read, but still. I liked the story quite a bit.
The major point here is that I didn’t enjoy it. While I thought it had great potential, I also saw the many flaws as well. I listened to this in audio, but I had a digital copy of the book as well so I followed along. I also didn’t care for the grammar used in emails. I mean I get it. Grammar isn’t ultimately important with portrayals like that. However, these students are apparently going to a very pristine school. I would expect them to at least be able to use the shift key at the beginning of each sentence. The college student who just types without using the shift key at all just wasn’t realistic for me.
This book was narrated by Jack Hardman. He did a pretty amazing job with the narration. I really enjoyed his accent very much and would prefer not to know if it was not an authentic accent. I don’t think there’s another book in this series in audiobook. I’m not sure if I’d continue if there were. I will be willing to listen to other books that this narrator narrates. He has a very soothing tone that I enjoyed very much.
I really did like this story even though I didn’t love it. It had a lot of great potential. I really enjoyed the very unique formatting. It made the book very easy to read. I also enjoyed the easy banter of the characters. I just feel that the book fell flat in many places. I also feel that it lacked something. I can’t put my finger on what it lacked, but maybe one day I will. I might give the rest of the volumes in this series a chance. I’m not sure yet. If I do, it won’t be right away. Either way, I recommend it. There’s somebody out there who will fall in love with it. I’m sure.

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