New Blog Plan

Due to some additions to work and schedule life, I won’t be posting personal blogs on weekends. For the most part. I would ideally like to maintain posting at least once a day, so if I have no blog tour scheduled for a weekend day, I’ll come on and talk about some book related topic or update on my reading.

Monday: Weekly Reading And Blogging Plans. I’ve liked doing this. And people seem to react pretty positively to this.

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesdays. For the weeks that I don’t really want to do the assigned topic, I’ll do a top ten book topic that I choose.

Wednesday: WWW Wednesday.

Thursday: Audiobook. If I can’t think of a specific topic to talk about, I’ll post the current audiobook(s) I’m listening to

Friday: Book Haul. I’ll post the books I’ve collected and bought over the week.

I loved the Reading Wrap Up for Sundays, but having to approve all of my pingbacks got a little tedious. Especially with my schedule filling up and Sundays being my only off day now. It may be brought back.

Thank you for Reading!

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