Kingdom Of Embers by Tricia Copeland Book Review


Alena Scott is rare. She’s half-witch and half-vampire. Her existence is completely forbidden, so staying hidden from those who could destroy her and her mother is crucial. Alena is tired of hiding who she is. She wants to be out in the open and embrace who she is fully. Her only concern is how it will impact her mother.

There were a few cliched parts of the story, but I really did enjoy it very much. Alena is this fiercely loyal person. She’s a little strange, but I think that’s because of how sheltered she is in life. There were parts of the story that I wish had been played out a little more. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I would love to see more of the secondary characters in the series as it unfolds.

There weren’t really many things that I did not like about this story. I could see some things that other people wouldn’t like. There’s the love triangle trope. I won’t go into detail due to refusing to spoil the book for anybody. Some people might have an issue with the main character having a hero complex in some places of the book as well.

This book was narrated by Amy Deuchler. She did a pretty amazing job at it. There were parts that I felt like she made the main character sound a bit whiny. I mean I get that the character could be a bit whiny at times. Don’t get me wrong, she was justified. She’s treated like she can’t make decisions for herself at all. Like she’s a small child. I digress. The narrator seemed to intensify it more than it should be.

This book was fun to read. The main character was quirky. She had some flaws in her, but she was pretty amazing all the same. I’d of liked to see more of the other characters and more of the events play out a bit more. I am looking forward to seeing where this series progresses from here. I have a feeling it’s going to be very fun.

My Rating:

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