Weekly Blogging And Reading Plans 3/16/20

It’s been an insane week for me. And I’m not even talking about the insane events that are going on in the world. I really didn’t take that as seriously as I should until later in the week. A poor gentleman passed away in the hospital I was born in. Schools have been closed indefinitely. All stores ran out of all kinds of things. I hope things calm down soon. Those who caught the virus are in my prayers.

Looking forward to a pretty “relaxed” week this week. I have allergies really bad, so I didn’t plan on leaving the house anyway. With what’s going on, I’m even more resolved to just stay home. My fiance and I both have orientation on Friday. Luckily, we’ll both be working from home. I still have a ton of things to read and listen to to get caught up, but I plan to make this week a very relaxed readathon week. I probably won’t be on the computer for much more than checking email and scheduling my blogs. We will see.

A Pattern Of Shadow & Light Book 3 Audiobook Tour

Crush The King Review- Won an advanced reader copy of this via Goodreads. Still trying to get my hands on the first two books so I can read all three.

Lake Lanier Mysteries Book 3 Audiobook Tour

I have no blogs or reviews scheduled for this day, but my library does have a book club meeting at 10 AM. I’m not sure if I’m going to go or not. It depends on how things are and how I feel. We will be discussing The Only Woman In The Room by Marie Benedict.

Nothing Scheduled

Kingdom Of Embers Audiobook Tour
The Soul Searchers Mysteries Audiobook Tour

The Colors Of Me Audiobook Tour

Reading Plans:

My main goal is to get a chunk of my back list cleared out. I also plan to read on a series I picked up at the library books. Also, whether I go to the book club meetings or not, I’d love to read the books I picked up for book club.

Hope everybody has a fun week ahead of them! Stay safe and stay healthy!

Thank you for Reading!

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