Weekly Wrap Up 3/15/20

It’s been an insane week. Not only for myself and my family. The world seems to have been going through a lot. We went to stock up on dog food the other day so we can stay at home and prep for training. We start the 20th. We are both so excited! This week will be spent reading and getting ahead of schedule to the best of my ability. Only time I’ll be getting on computer will be to check email and schedule blogs. It will be so worth it!

Game Talk: Rediscovering My Love Of Solitaire
Weekly Book Haul 3/13/20
Audiobook Chat: My First Microphone
WWW Wednesday 3/11/20
Top 10 Goals
Weekly Blogging And Reading Plans 3/9/20

Expeditionary Force Book 3 Audiobook Tour
The Road To Delano Blog Tour
Veiled Sun Blog Tour
Lake Lanier Mysteries Book 2 Audiobook Blog Tour
A Pattern Of Shadow And Light Audiobook Blog Tour
Sting Blog Tour
Nite Fire Book 1 Audiobook Tour
Expeditionary Force Book Two Audiobook Blog Tour

SpecOps by Craig Alanson Book Review
Columbus Day by Craig Alanson Book Review
Beyond The Mist by Casi McLean Book Review

One of my favorite things of being a part of the blogger community is reading and being in awe of all the amazing blogs I’m blessed to come across. I have the App installed on my phone and get push notifications for most of the blogs I follow. I discover new books. I discover new recipes. I discover that I’m not alone. I’m not a freak of nature like I seem to think I am. But I digress. I read tons of great blogs. So every week, I’m going to showcase five of them. I wish I could do more, but if I posted every blog I think was awesome, I’d overwhelm some! I hope that through this, many people are able to connect with the bloggers that I adore so much, and they are able to connect back.

What I’ve read this year so far
Stacking The Shelves – 14/02/20 📚📚📚 #StackingTheShelves
Bourbon Sirloin Steak
Archive Nostalgia: Top 10 Powerful Quotes from 1930s Poetry
The Mystery Blogger Award (III)

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