SpecOps by Craig Alanson Book Review

Against Joe’s wishes, a crew gets gathered to go back into space with Joe and Sparky. Joe is convinced that he won’t be returning from the mission and doesn’t want to take people and risking them not coming back. He decided to leave it up to them and was dismayed when they all decided to go despite the risks. The team goes through space to help Sparky find something that will help him discovers who he is and why he exists.

My fiance and I really enjoyed this book. We enjoyed the first book as well. It was pretty action-packed. I mean, it could have used a bit more action and thrill, but it was amazing still. What we loved the best was the absolute satire through the entire book. Especially the banter and the pranks between Joe and Skippy. It was fun and we just couldn’t get over it! We were impressed with how the pace in this book maintained. That’s very rare with sequels.

Like the first book, most of the secondary characters were more in the background than they were in the story itself. They had enough role to make the story flow properly, but they didn’t have enough for me to form an opinion on them. Sparky the AI will be our favorite character of this entire series. He’s AMAZING. We love him! Great personality! He’s full of sarcasm and pranks! Joe was pretty amazing too. He’s selfless, but also super laid back and sarcastic as well.

This book was narrated by R.C. Bray. The first book was narrated by him as well. He does pretty amazingly. The one critique I have could be a personal issue and not a narration issue, but I’ll state it anyway. There were a few of the secondary characters that sounded a little too similar to Skippy. So every now and then I get a bit confused. It’s nothing really major. I really enjoyed the narration despite that. I look forward to him narrating the rest of the story. I also would definitely read more narrated by him.

My fiance and I really enjoyed this book very much. We enjoyed the first book as well. We plan to listen to the third book the moment I submit this review! It’s mainly because of Skippy. I won’t lie. This is a very fun series. Skippy adds a lot of flavor and humor to the series, but it does pretty well on its own as well! I recommend it to anybody who loves to read Science Fiction or Apocalyptic type novels.

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