Game Talk: Rediscovering My Love Of Solitaire

There are many different perspectives of what being a gamer means. There are some who look down on others. They claim that they aren’t authentic gamers. There are also some that pose as gamers because they think it will get them some kind of gain. To me personally, if you enjoy playing games of any kind and can spend hours playing games with no guilt, you’re a gamer. Board games. Video games. Computer games. Card games. They are all amazing.

On the note of card games, I recently remembered that most computers come with preloaded games. Including solitaire. I discovered they are all in one place now. You can earn these coins and level up in the games now. I’m still learning, but it seems pretty neat. They even have daily challenges!

I’m still playing a bunch of phone app games for side cash. I’m also playing Rise of Legions daily. I don’t play every game every day. The only ones I play every single day are the ones that have daily tasks that have to be done that day. I’m not trying to burn myself out. I was just very happy to have discovered the computer game I did and wanted to share it! Anybody else a solitaire fan like me?

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