Beyond The Mist by Casi McLean Book Review

Nick finds out about the whole situation that happens that causes Lacey to o back to 1949. He takes the opportunity to do the same thing so that he can save somebody who died during 9/11. Once everybody finds out what happened, they are determined to keep him from messing up the time space continuum. Piper volunteers to go find him and keep him from changing everything they know due to events he’s trying to change.

While I didn’t really enjoy this book as much as I did the first, I really enjoyed it very much. I feel like there was more build up in the first book that wasn’t seen here. It could be the fact that the time travel aspect had yet to be discovered. I really loved the raw emotion that the author put into writing about the tragedy of 9/11. I felt like I was actually THERE. I mean, I remember the news broadcasts in school, but it’s another thing completely to feel like you were actually near everything as it took place.

The characters were just as intense as they were in the first. It was nice getting to know Piper a bit more in this book. She wasn’t really a focal point in the first book. She was more referenced than anything. At first, I thought Piper was kind of a Peach from You. I was wrong there. She’s has an incredibly beautiful soul. I was hoping to see more of Lacey in this one, but I get it. This was not her story. Just like the first book was not Piper’s.

The book was narrated by Amy Deuchler. The first book was narrated by Andrea Mitchell. They both did such fantastic jobs. I think it’s wise to have two different people narrating a series if the points of view change. I loved Amy’s portrayal of all of the characters. I also loved her portrayal of the events of 9/11 as they unfolded in the story. I wouldn’t blame her if she had to pause now and then to gain control of her emotions.

I really did enjoy this story very much. I think I expected more with how jam packed with emotions and story that the first one was. Other than that, I didn’t really have a problem with the story. I was hoping that certain points of the book would be expanded upon just a little more. There was a part of the story I’d of liked a conclusion on as well. I still recommend it and the first book.

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