Weekly Blogging And Reading Plans 3/9/20

Hello! Things are slowly getting better! The dogs are adjusting to the new home. I’m feeling a lot better than I was. Still getting randomly sick here and there, but it’s nothing to really worry about. I’m still behind. But I’m a lot less behind than I started out. That’s what I’m going to focus on. Isn’t it insane how quickly we get behind on things, but how long it takes us to catch back up? It seems like it takes days to catch up on things that took us mere hours to fall behind on. Is this just me? Surely others feel this. It’s like when you go on vacation for a week. How long does it take to adjust to your routine schedule afterward? I know it’s not the same thing really. It’s close though.

I’ll quit being boring with my rambling and post the schedule for the week!


Nothing Planned


Undercover Bromance Review (ARC)
Sting Blog Tour
The Catalyst Review (NG)
A Pattern Of Shadow And Light Audiobook Tour


Lake Lanier Mysteries Book 2 Audiobook Tour


Veiled Sun Blog Tour


The Road To Delano Blog Tour


Expeditionary Force Book 3 Audiobook Tour


Nothing Planned

Books I Plan To Read This Week:

Undercover Bromance
The Catalyst
Columbus Day (Finish)
Beyond The Mist
Veiled Sun
The Road To Delano
In The Afterlight
The Only Woman In The Room
From Dead To Worse
The Tourist
Out Of The Dark
Anna K
The Midnight Lie
Styling By Faith (Finish)

I don’t plan to finish all of these by the end of the week. I do plan to put a dent in the ones I don’t wind up finishing though. What are your plans this week?

Thank you for Reading!

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