Weekly Game Update: 3/7/20

It’s been a pretty interesting week. I’ve been struggling to get caught up on audiobooks so I’ve had a lot of game play time. I’m telling you. There are not enough hours in the day! I wound up falling down a rabbit whole of money making apps. They aren’t things that will completely kill any need to work. They will eventually get me a bit of spending money here and there. I don’t expect to be making a killing. I won’t lie, I do wish it was a bit faster. It is what it is though.

We had two different nights where we didn’t complete dailies. We were distracted with doing other things. We both got hired with a company we’ve been aiming for! It’s exciting! We don’t start until the 20th. But we will work things out! Either way, I’m still loving this game. I’m just juggling too many at one time. Some are falling through the cracks. Hoping I’ll get more into this game soon. I don’t hate it. It’s just falling through the cracks! Please feel free to friend me if you play! My ID is 9302460. It’s free to play on Steam. Please note that you can’t add friends until you’re level 5.

I have no racked up just a bit over $40 with this app. Just $10 more dollars and I can cash in. I expect it to take about a month or so. Who knows? It’s still fun to play. I get my scratching kick in without spending a ton of money. Money that I can’t afford to throw away! I don’t get on as much. They reset the cards and eggs every 8 hours for me now. I get on about once a day. Twice a day if I remember. I’m working on it. If you haven’t tried it, please join using My Link.

I started an app called Word Juice. It’s a pretty decent game. It’s kind of like all the word apps like it, but you can earn a bit of cash. I’ve so far earned $26. I can’t cash out until I hit $100. You get a bit of change for every round. Which helps. You have the chance to double what you earn with an advertisement. If you wind up trying it out, please consider using My Link

This game has probably taken up most of my time where games are concerned. It is a cash app, but you really don’t get a TON of cash. I have earned $3.23. Either way, the game itself is really fun! I’m enjoying it so much! I may be earning slowly, but I’m earning. That’s what matters to me! I can cash out at $10. It’s called Fishing Cashing. The name could use some work. I won’t lie. I still enjoy it. My Invite Code is 58573. Feel free to join me!

I’ve played some Idle games. They were pretty decent at first. I’ve earned money. Each one has about $20 on it. I am not able to cash out until I play the game for 30 days and some other challenges. It makes me feel like they won’t pay. We will see. I’ll mess with it for the 30 days and go from there.

I may have more games to report next week. What games have you played this week?

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