Reign Of Fire by Casi McLean Book Review


A freak accident changes Alyssa’s life as she knows it. It puts her in danger. Her sister Emily flies to Washington D.C. to find out what happened. She finds herself working with the investigators to solve the case. The further they get, the more they realize that it’s deeper than they could possibly imagine. Between that and her growing attraction for Ash, Emily finds herself overwhelmed.

I really enjoyed this book. There were parts that were a bit clichĂ©, but I feel they added a little bit of color to the book more than hurt it in any way. I loved the bits of NCIS in there. One of my favorite shows is based on NCIS. I think the best way to describe this book is if the show NCIS and Medium mixed with romantic suspense. I do think the cover could be tweaked a little though. It doesn’t really pop well.

I really connected to Emily on a personal level. She’s so passionate about others. I feel like she’s an Empath like I am. I feel like Ash could have used a bit more spotlight than he got. He’s a pretty intense but friendly guy. The character I really wish had more exposure to was Wyatt. I feel like he faded into the background more than anything. It was sad. I would have loved to see the relationship he had with his sister. I’d love to know more about his character as well.

This audiobook was narrated by Kristin James. It’s the first book I’ve listened to by hers so I can’t say she’s a favorite. I did enjoy the story very much. I loved her voice characterizations for every character. It was refreshing and entrancing. I don’t really know how to explain it better than that. I will definitely listen to other books narrated by her if given the opportunity.

I really enjoyed this book. If life hadn’t gotten in the way, I’d of finished this book in one sitting. I don’t really care for the cover too much. I think it could be edited a bit more, but the story itself was fantastic. It was realistic and wholesome. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the rest of the series! I’m sure they won’t disappoint me!

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