Fate Of Wizardoms: Eye Of Obscurance by Jeffrey L Kohanek Book Review

A clever thief is bested by a training magician. They were after the same amulet and the same goal. They needed to use it to bring somebody of high power down. Somebody who has been corrupt for a long time and was bringing everything down. They eventually decide to work together to increase the chances of their mission succeeding.

I really did enjoy this book. There were parts of it that I got a little lost and overwhelmed in. It was a lot of information to take in all at once. Part of me wants to go back and actually read the book the next time around to see if that does any good. Other than the overwhelming feeling, I really did enjoy the story. It was compact with adventure and suspense. Two of my favorite categories when it comes to stories like this!

I don’t remember any of the characters’ names. I feel bad about this, but I am horrible with names. I didn’t really feel a connection to any of these characters. I empathized with them, but it wasn’t easy to fully understand the things they were going through. I don’t think this is an issue with the writing. I think this is an issue with my personal life experiences. Other people might find a connection with the characters that I could not. They were some fierce and determined characters. I can tell you that.

This book was narrated by Travis Baldree. I’m not sure if I’ve ever listened to anything he’s narrated before. I can say that I plan to listen to other books he’s narrated. I also hope that he narrates the rest of this series. He did a pretty amazing job with this one. I felt like I was in the world with them living the story with them.

I really did enjoy the story very much. I didn’t love it, but it was pretty amazing. It was full of adventure and magic. It was also filled with violence and doom. As per any adventure story. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the rest of this series. I’m also looking forward to going back and rereading it for a better grasp and context of the story.

My Rating:

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