Beneath The Lake by Casi McLean Book Review

Lacey has been blown off by her boyfriend again. Her friend convinces her to come to visit and go to a party she’s hosting to get her mind off things. She does so and finds her boyfriend with somebody else. Devastated, she takes off and winds up in a horrible accident that puts her back in time. All the way to 1949. In a city that no longer exists in her time.

There are so many things I want to talk about that I don’t know where to begin. I also won’t be able to cover everything without making this a book. I really enjoyed this book. I want to start there because I do have a few criticisms of the story itself. The first thing is that 2011 keeps getting brought up but the “present-day” was 2012. I’m not sure if I missed something or if there was a mix up with years. The second real big issue I had is the series is classified as Lake Lanier Mysteries. I haven’t seen a mystery in the series so far. A bit of science fiction, but no mystery. Maybe it comes later in the stories. Other than those things, the story was amazing and I absolutely loved it!

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t like Lacey at all to begin with. I didn’t really get enough of a glimpse of the rest of the characters besides her and Bobby to give a full opinion. Maybe that will happen later in the series as well. She’s been hurt. I get that. It’s no excuse to paint everybody with the same picture. There was a conversation that happened that irritated me because she misunderstood but I also feel like she was to blame for the misunderstanding. She steered the questioning and didn’t even consider that the girl didn’t understand what she was asking. Didn’t stop to explain or anything. She changed as time went on, but still. It stuck with me.

This book was narrated by Aundrea Mitchell. She sounded so much like Hollie Jackson it was insane! I almost wanted to research to see if they were the same person using different names. It happens. Authors do it quite frequently. Anyways, I promise this is a high compliment. Jackson is one of my favorite narrators of all time. As the book went on, I didn’t hear the resemblance as much, but I still very much enjoyed the narration.

I had some criticisms about this book. They may be based on my preferences and misunderstandings or they may be founded. I’m not really sure. They didn’t take away the enjoyment of the book. I thought it was creative and thought-provoking. I wouldn’t consider it a mystery, but that isn’t a bad thing. I look forward to listening to or reading the rest of this beautiful series!

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