Weekly Game Update: 2/29/20

I’ve decided instead of talking about a game every week, I’d just post my updates on the games I play. I have this habit of getting stuck on a game and playing it until I get burned out. So this is just easier.

Rise Of Legions

Haven’t really played this game much except to get the dailies done. I did tweak some of my decks. My fiance and I play this game together. We do co-op challenges against computers. It can get a bit tedious at times, but we find ways to make it fun. It’s really great when I sneak spells or cards on his side to see if he notices! If you’re interested, it’s free on Steam. If you play and like it, once you hit level 5, you can add friends. My friend code is: 9302460

Best Fiends:

They have been looping events around. It’s cool because they save your progress, but it can be overwhelming. I managed to string a VIP chain that lasted for days. I finally ran out yesterday or the day before. Haven’t had much time to commit to earning more back. I’m on level 230. I can’t say the levels have been smooth sailing, but they aren’t irritating for the most part.

Dice Royale:

There’s an app called Mistplay. You earn points towards gift cards for playing apps that they recommend. This is one of them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have even tried it. The ad is completely bogus. The game is nowhere near as entertaining as they portray it to be. The main complaint is it takes forever to get money. My only response to that is: Well, yeah. They are ad supported. You don’t put any of your own money into it. Just saying.

Happy Scratch:

I can’t remember where I found this app. It’s decent. I’m not in love with it, but if it earns me a bit of cash, why not? Also, I have this thing where I love scratching scratch off cards. I hate paying for them, but I love scratching them off. My family used to let me when I was a kid. They claimed I was good luck. Anywho, I haven’t cashed out for the first time yet, but I’m about $10-15 away from being able to do so. I can’t complain.

That’s all the games I have played this week that I can think of. I have piddled with some coloring apps, but I don’t really count those as games. What games have you been into this week?

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