Game Talk: Best Fiends

I used to use this app where I earned points for gift cards for playing apps. One of the games I played was this one. At the time, I enjoyed the game very much, but I had issues with it costing so much to level up the fiends. Eventually, I stopped playing. My fiance played it as well and he stopped when I did. It’s possible that I may have stopped because he stopped. I’m not really sure.

We both decided to start playing it again. It seems they have changed the game a lot. I find that I enjoy it more than I did. I’m also able to get through the levels really easy. I believe I started it again Friday, but it may have been Saturday. I’m not really sure. I just know that I am on level 132. I didn’t start at level 1. I can’t remember what level I left off when I quit, but I have made a bit of progress since I started playing again.

So far, I own 14 Fiends. I have gotten all of them to level 9. I’ve already started evolving some of them to 10. It’s a bit expensive, so it’s a slow process. But it’ll be worth it. Whenever I get a new Fiend, I boost them up to the level all the rest of them are right away. It’s probably silly, but I enjoy doing it.

I’m not really sure how to explain the game honestly. However, there are constant ads for the game. It’s really fun and it’s free. I think it’s only available on Android, but I’m not fully sure on that. It’s worth at least giving a chance. If you play, please feel free to let me know! I love chatting with people about games we have in common!

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