The Road To Anywhere But Here by Carol Newman Book Review

Carol Newman writes about her life. The difficulty family she was surrounded by. Becoming the adult of the family when she was barely a teenager. Being discriminated against and violated for the sole purpose that she was a female. The various places she moved to as a kid. and being bullied in school. She covers it all.

It takes courage to sit down and write about your life. It takes courage and strength to take that and edit and publish it. I really admire Newman for having the strength and courage to do so. The book is not going to be for the faint hearted. There are quite a few triggering topics in the story. But it’s a part of her life. Her filtering them out would not be genuine or true to the story at hand. It’s a very deep and compelling story.

I really enjoyed the story itself, but I felt that it could have been read a bit better. The author narrates the story herself. I’d like to say that it was possibly hard for her to read all of this. I mean it really didn’t take much out of the story if I’m being honest. The topics she brings up must have been hard enough to write about and relive. Much less taking the time to record it. Nobody else would have been able to tell this story but her. Written or vocal.

All in all, I really did enjoy this story very much. I admire the bravery of Newman for being able to take the time and relive some of the most dark and happy moments of her life to share with the world. I wish I could meet with her to ask if she found the experience therapeutic at all. I wonder how many times she had to set it down because it was too hard to write. It’s definitely worth the read.

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