Foul Is Fair by Hannah Capin Book Review

Something awful happens to Jade. She goes to a party celebrating her 16th birthday when she’s drugged and violated. What people don’t realize is that she’s Wiccan. She and her clan vow revenge on the boys who turned a night that should have been magical into a nightmare. One person at a time.

I found this book very disturbing in many ways. I liked the story. I really did, but it was disturbing on so many levels. It’s like reading a horror novel from the killer’s point of view. Something I’m not really used to. In ways, it’s like Cruel Intentions, but the main character isn’t really horrible. I mean she is, but it’s understandable as to why she is. I’m not saying what happens is justified. I’m just saying that I understand it.

Jade is a force of nature. She’s terrifying. I wouldn’t wish her wrath on my worst enemy. There are several questions I have. Like where are her parents for over half of this stuff that goes down? How is she always able to stay the night at people’s houses with no questions asked at all? Also, why were some of the characters faded so much into the background? I kind of forgot who was who now and then.

This book was narrated by Emily Lawrence. She did a pretty amazing job. I almost turned this book in and just read the book on my Kindle, but her narration had me hooked. I actually think it may have amplified the creep factor up to like 20. I’m not sure if I’ve ever listened to her books before. The name does sound familiar. Either way, I’d definitely listen to other narrations done by her.

While I enjoyed this book, I found it way over the top. It was a little too creepy for my taste. Also, I found that some places were rushed over a little too much. I also didn’t really care too much for the ending. I guess I expected a little more. I’m still glad that I got a chance to read it. It’s unique. I will say that. I won’t be re-reading it.

My Rating:

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