The Body In Griffith Park by Jennifer Kincheloe Book Review

Anna has finally decided to marry Joe. She wants to marry him on her own terms. That’s about the only thing going right for her at the moment. Her father still wants nothing to do with her. The chief of police is starting to crack down on her job performance. To add a cherry to the top of the storm that’s festering around her, some unknown person is sending her flowers and gifts to her desk every day. She makes a discovery that turns her world upside down.

I really enjoyed the story. Despite my frustrations with the main character. The story itself was amazing. It was full of intrigue and moments that threw me. It’s amazing how many things everybody was juggling while still maintaining a healthy social life. It intrigued me. It does show that it’s possible. If people could figure out how to do it in the early 1900s, I can figure out how to do it now. There were a few things that I wish were drawn out a bit more.

I haven’t ever liked Anna. I mean I respect the fact that she’s brilliant. It’s amazing how she deduces things so easily that others couldn’t see at all. In today’s time, she’d be a valuable asset to any of the law enforcement units. She would be respected and revered. I get that. I do. It doesn’t change the fact that she’s so spoiled and selfish. She doesn’t bother to see things from anybody else’s point of view but her own. She’s a royal brat! I really enjoyed Joe, but he had flaws too. His lack of willingness to stand up for himself. He did the right thing, but he still let Anna make him feel bad! I still adore his character so much.

This book was narrated by Moira Quirk. The first two books in the series were narrated by her. She does a fantastic job. She gave Anna even more dramatic flair than the story originally did. Which is amazing. It takes a real talent for the narrator to fully become the characters they are narrating. She’s one of the few that has that talent. I will be listening to other audiobooks by her.

I really enjoyed this book. I may not have really cared for Anna, but that’s a personal thing. It has no reflection on the book itself. The whole series was amazing. I was thinking this was a trilogy at first, but it seems like there may be more books that will be a part of this story. If there is, I’m completely down with that idea. I will read every book that has to do with this series. I enjoyed the three very much.

The Secret Life Of Anna Blanc
The Woman in the Camphor Trunk

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