Game Talk: Rise Of Legions

I talk all the time about my love of reading. It’s a given that it’s a favorite hobby by now. I also have other hobbies I enjoy that I’d like to discuss more. I love writing. I love coloring. I love singing. Not that anybody will ever hear me sing, but still. I also love playing games. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore gamer, but I’ve been known to obsessively play a few games.

The game I’m playing currently is Rise of Legions. I’ve been playing it since it released. I really love it. It’s a pretty easy and straight forward game. You can play against people. You can play against computer. You can play by yourself or with other people. It’s great. It’s also completely free!

I feel like it’s basically a computerized capture the flag. You make a deck of fighters from whatever colors you wish. There are three phases. Each card has a certain phase that it can start being played in. The later the stage, the more the cost of summon is. The main mission is to overtake the opposite side, over take three markers, and get to their side and destroy their nexus before they can destroy yours.

Other than playing rounds, they also offer newbie challenges, daily tasks, and weekly tasks. You earn cards, coins, and crystals by completing them. You can also unlock more cards by completing specific tasks. I’ve recently unlocked every card. It was awesome feeling!

I fully encourage everybody to give it a shot. It’s a free and fun game. I’ve really enjoyed playing it. So much! If you do decide to try it out, my Friend ID is 9302460. I’d love to have more friends on my list! Just a heads up, you can’t add people until you hit level 5, but it doesn’t take long to get there!

Thank you for Reading!

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