Netherfield: Rogue Dragon by Maria Grace Book Review

Everything is coming to a dramatic head. Elizabeth has fled Longbourn. All is well again with Pemberly. She and Darcy have sorted everything out as well. Just when it seems there couldn’t be anything else that could happen, it turns out that there’s a rogue dragon in Netherfield. Elizabeth and Darcy are tasked to investigate. They must do so without the assistance of Longbourn as he’s forbidden them from entering his territory.

I spent a lot of time doing nothing but listening to this book. I barely even took the time to pause it so I could get up. I had a very Sheldon “I don’t need sleep. I need answers.” moment. I can’t even begin to explain. I couldn’t even begin to try to predict everything that was going to go down. I would have been wrong if I did quite frankly. It was insane in the best way possible! I want and need more!!!!

I’m going to be very generic about my assessment of the characters. It’s for a good reason. I want anybody who reads the books after reading my review to go into it unbiased. It’s amazing how some very loveable characters from the original novel weren’t so loveable in this one and the not so loveable ones were at least tolerable. I am not saying everybody was different. Just a select few. My mind was blown at the transformations between the original character and this version. That’s all I am willing to say.

I get to gush about Benjamin Fife in another review. I can’t get over the amazing talent he has. That and the fact that he’s so dedicated to the projects he works on. It’s obvious he goes above and beyond what’s required of him. It’s a very positive thing to me. I’d give him way more than five stars if I could. As it were, he has definitely been added to my auto-buy list. If I see any audiobook narrated by him when I have money, it will be in my library! No questions asked!

This has been a very fun series for me to read. I’ve really loved the retelling from one of my favorite classics of all time. I said in a previous review that Jane Austen herself would love this retelling. I wasn’t just saying that. I actually mean it. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that it’s possible that the author is a reincarnation of Jane Austen! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I will also be adding this author to my automatic read list!

Pemberly: Mr.Darcy’s Dragon
Longbourn: Dragon Entail

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