The Delving by Aaron Bunce Book Review

Thoben finds himself constantly struggling. He is a branded man and unable to find work as often as he needs to provide for his family. The taxes have been going up every year after winter. Thoben finds that if he doesn’t do something soon, his family won’t even have enough to eat. Out of the blue, a proposition is given to him. One that he finds hard to resist. He is very much against doing what is asked of him, but he finds that he could really use the money more than worrying about the risk involved.

I really did enjoy the story quite a bit. I wouldn’t say that it was one of my favorites. I do believe that I will probably go back and reread the book just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. I may continue with the series as well, but it won’t be for a while if I do. I do very much love the idea behind the story. It was very creative and unique. I love unique!

Thoben is the type of person that the reader can easily get behind. He does the right thing. He cares about his family. He would give someone the shirt off his back if they feel like they needed it. His family is beautiful as well. It’s a family that I’m sure a lot of people who are from broken families just adore so much. Of course, I feel like I feel that families like that are just fairy tale families, but I digress. It was beautiful.

This book was narrated by Matthew E Berry. It’s the first one I heard narrated by him, but I can promise that it won’t be my last. It looks like he has a pretty decent library going for him. All of the titles look pretty amazing. I also have to say that he gave this book a lot of understanding for me. I feel like if I just flat out read it, I’d of had to reread many passages to fully understand it. I didn’t have to do that thanks to him. I’m not saying this book is bad. It’s just new to me.

I really did enjoy this book very much. I’m going to let my feelings on the book digest a bit before I decide on reading it again or continuing on with the series. I really loved the idea behind the story. It was a very refreshing page. It wasn’t predictable at all. That’s a very impressive feat. I do fully recommend the book.

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