Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz Book Review

Evan finds everything changed. He’s on the run for his life. He’s a loose end that the government can’t afford to stay alive. If that isn’t enough, somebody he thought was dead randomly shows up and rocks his world even further. Just when his enemies think that they are gaining the upper hand, he does something that surprises everybody. He will stop it at nothing to get the payback he deserves. Revenge will be his.

This series has been beyond amazing. I’m so in love with it. There’s a twist at every turn. I stated in the first two books that this book reminds me of the movie Hitman and the Dean Koonz Jane Hawk series. I am very infatuated with both of those as well. I am beyond impressed with it. I have to admit, I came into this series completely blind. I did that on purpose. I’m so glad I did. I’d of judged it completely wrong otherwise.

Evan seems to be growing into his own person. He seems to be connecting to his feelings more. He doesn’t want anybody to go through the things he grew up with. He thinks that everybody deserves a chance at an actual life rather than being controlled by others to do whatever they desire. His handler was pretty honorable too. I totally understand where his decisions came from. It had to have been very hard for him. The bad guys in here were ones you could love to hate. The kind that I love!

I listened to this book in audiobook as well as the first two. I most likely will not listen to the last two in audiobook. I haven’t decided yet. I do plan to own them in audiobook and go back and listen to them when I can. The narrator just made the story so much more intense than it already was. His name is Scott Brick. He narrated the first two books as well. I was very impressed with the performance.

This was a very intense book that had I had my way I’d of finished all in one sitting. I’d of read this entire series back to back if I could. The sacrifice of sleep would have been more than worth it. As it were, I have other things to do that would prevent me from doing this. I can’t wait to dig into the next two books. It’s an intense and fun journey that I find I just can’t get enough of!

Orphan X
The Nowhere Man

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