Dead To The World by Charlaine Harris Book Review

Sookie is done with being put in danger all the time. She makes it a resolution to not get beat up. Her involvement with the vampires seems to be over for the moment, so she doesn’t see this resolution being a problem. Until she finds Eric running around in the woods half naked with no idea who he is or anything to do with himself or his life. Sookie finds herself being sucked into the middle of all the chaos all over again.

I know it’s silly, but this may just very be my favorite book in the entire series. It’s kind of like all the characters in the series stepped into the Twilight Zone temporarily. I mean things go on like normal, but there had to be some upside-down feelings with Eric having no idea who he was! Then again, it was a secret to most of the population. It is a book that I would have liked to have seen multiple points of view. Just to see how others were thinking about the whole Eric situation.

I really started warming back up to Sookie in this book. She seemed to have really mellowed out. There were times where she was a bit too much for me. I don’t know to explain it other than that. Eric’s personality was something else in this one. Every time he made some comments that contradicted how he normally was, I laughed so hard. That was something to explain to my lovely fiance who was with me when I read now and then. There is a character in the series that wasn’t in the show. His name is Bubba. He’s my favorite character of the whole series!

I wound up listening to this book in audiobook as well. I’m praying that my life will slow down just a tad here soon. Either way, the same narrator (Joanna Parker) that narrated the first three books narrated this one as well. She did just as amazing in this as she did the first three and another series I read. I love how she just dives into the story like she’s actually there. It helps pull me more into the story.

It’s amazing. While I was reading this book, the first line of the next book kept popping into my mind. I couldn’t figure it out until a certain part of the book came to light. Then I figured it out. I won’t say too much. I don’t like to give too many spoilers. That’s why most of my reviews can be interpreted as vague. It’s interesting how one change can really alter the entire dynamic around it.

My Rating:

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